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Diagnose and repair of Range Rover steering column


Diagnose and repair of Range Rover steering column

With this Range Rover Steering column repair we firstly had to identify the reason behind the steering columns lack of movement. On this Vogue model the Range Rover has an electrically adjustable steering column that allows you to set the steering wheel position, when you turn off the engine the wheel retracts automatically right back to the dashboard allowing easy exit and entry, when you start the engine again the wheel returns to your preferred pre-set position automatically.

Upon investigation we found that the thread in the plastic mounting had been completely worn away, when checking with Range Rover for parts we discovered that a replacement would cost over £1500.00 and so we had a replacement part fabricated in aluminium (shown in the image alongside the worn plastic part) for a fraction of the cost and returned the car to the customer with a fully functioning steering column.
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