Range Rover Day

Today we had a ‘Range Rover Fest’ with a P38, L322 and L405 models all in at the same time for various works including: servicing, fault on SRS Air bag System, work to brakes, leak on the rear differential, health check and valet.

It was a busy day but great to see these cars side by side.

If you have any problems at all with a Range Rover of any age or model, we are a  Range Rover specialist that can do the same work as any Range Rover dealership at a fraction of the cost. why not give us a call now on 01543 422 625 any book in.


Aston Martin DB7

Here we have a stunning Aston Martin DB7 which was brought to us after some running issues, following some diagnostics we gave her a service, new break disks and an air conditioning refresh which cured the running problems in double quick time. There was one other issue though with the ash tray cover which had some how broken free of its hinge on one side.

How hard can that be to fix we thought, but as you can see we had to dismantle most of the dash board to get to the offending part and fix it, several hours later we handed the car back to a very happy owner, most importantly with a fixed ash tray!

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Harley Davidson Airbrushing

Here we were brought a Harley Davidson who’s owner was looking for something a little different. Following a consultation we decided that we were going to ‘ghost’ the Harley Davidson logo and working  on to the parts using an airbrush method. We all think the effect looks great and the owner was happy to have a unique bike with a fully custom paint job.

If you have a vehicle that needs any type of mechanical or body work doing then why not give us a call and see how we could help you out on 01543 422 625 today.

AC Cobra Fibreglass Repair

Here we were brought a AC Cobra replica that was suffering from hairline cracks to the front body shell. We had to ‘dig out’ the affected area first and then complete a fibre glass repair before flatting the repair site and then prepping and painting the vehicle again. As the vehicle was such an unusual colour we mixed the paint on site to perfectly match it up.

Again we all feel that the finished car looks amazing as did the customer. If you have a vehicle that needs any type of mechanical or body work doing then why not give us a call and see how we could help you out on 01543 422 625 today.

Jaguar Bonnet Louvres

Whilst we were beavering away at the Practical Classics show at the NEC we were approached by a gentleman who wanted to add bonnet louvres to his Jaguar show car. He could have taken the factory kit route which is a kidney shaped vent as per used on the supercharged model or had welded in sections however he wanted to follow the e-type style and have straight louvres and requested nothing be welded in but, if possible, the vents could be pressed from the existing bonnet.

As we had only done this on aluminium panels previously our approach of wooden dyes would not have worked due to the hardness of the steel these needed to go in to. We ended up making 2 sets of dyes (We made the front set slightly smaller than the ones at the rear of the bonnet as when we mapped it all out the effect did not look right with them all the same size) and with the help of our magnetic folder we made short work of the job. Following the fabrication work we obviously had to match the paintwork finish to show standards and refit the bonnet.

If you have a classic vehicle that requires any kind of work then why not give us a call on 01543 422 625 as we love to help.