Escort Cosworth Rally Car Bodywork Repair

Escort Cosworth Rally Car Bodywork Repair

This was a really interesting job, the owner brought the car to us following a rear near side tyre blow out at just over 120 mph during a track session at Silverstone. needless to say the damage caused by the tyre as the rubber stripped away from the wire was extensive to say the least.

The damage included the rear quarter panel, sill, wheel arch lining and rear bumper, which in itself would not be too much of a problem if parts were readily available, which they are not!

Some of the parts would be transferable from the road going version of the car but certain bits like the actual rear quarter panel are no longer made and stocks have run very low forcing the prices right up. We managed to source a couple of suppliers that had the correct part in stock but the prices were ridiculous. The problem was that the rally version of the car has rear arches that are blown out wider than the road going version and so we could not just use the standard panel as it comes. Following much discussion with the owner and after telling him of the costs involved with purchasing the part we decided to fabricate one ourselves using a normal road going panel as the starting point.

Once we had fabricated a matching panel we prepped, assembled and pained the vehicle ready to pass back to the owner, and we would hope that you agree that you could not tell with the finished vehicle.


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