Chrysler Crossfire removal of front headlight fogging.

Chrysler Crossfire removal of front headlight fogging

Here we were brought a Chrysler Crossfire which had a few minor dents and front headlight fogging that the owner wanted removed.

We managed to repair the dents to the vehicle using a paintless technique which was far cheaper than a full prep and respray of the affected areas and the owner was more than happy with both the finish and cost of that part of the repair.

The vehicle was also suffering from front headlight fogging meaning that the light lenses were dull and faded, we were asked if there was anything that could be done apart from replacing the units to make them clear again, we advised that this type of fogging can be removed by cutting back the surface of the light lense and then applying a solution that re-coats the lenses making them appear clear again. The client asked us to also make this repair at the same time which we did, then releasing the car back to its owner dentless and with clear headlights once again.

If you have a vehicle in need of any type of repair then why not contact us today to see what can be done to rectify it, it does not always require a full prep and respray or replacement parts to achieve the results you require. In the meantime why not check out some of teh other work that we have done in our project blog.