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Aston Martin DB9 Repair

Aston Martin DB9 Repair

This Aston Martin DB9 repair was brought to us by a referred customer with a misfire and in need of the front grille refurbishing as it had faded over the years.

firstly we tackled the mechanical issues with the car by performing a full diagnostic health check on the vehicle. The health check uncovered the reason for the misfire and also highlighted that the rear brakes needed replacing and the gearbox was also in need of a service. So using all genuine Aston Martin parts and approved fluids etc we set about servicing the gearbox, changing the rear brakes and repairing the engine fault before we moved on to the restoration of the front grille.

As you can see from the images below we had to remove the grill piece by piece before we could get the parts refurbished by having them shot blasted and powder coated before we re-fitted them to the car.

The owner was absolutely over the moon with the vehicle when we returned it to him a couple of days later running perfectly and with a shiny new grille.